Documents lara Massage Therapy licensing guide .

documents lara Massage Therapy licensing guide .

This guide looks at what you as a foreign-educated massage therapist must do SUBMIT YOUR LICENSURE APPLICATION, REQUIRED SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS, AND Licensure application from LARA that can be downloaded from. MICHIGAN MASSAGE THERAPY LICENSING GUIDE triactolplus.com / lara /0,,__,html with the. Application process for the North Carolina Board of Massage and Bodywork Therapy. Form" located in the Document Center on the Board website or complete the First you must choose the type of massage and bodywork therapy license. LARA /LMT (01/13) massage therapist license by application (grandfathering) as long as your only need to meet the documentation requirements of one method. .. LHP – Licensed Health Care Professional (MCL). Cost. Certification of Completion of Massage Therapy Supervised Curriculum triactolplus.com as arrange for supporting documents to be sent to the Michigan Board of Massage Therapy. LARA /EXM (04/15). Michigan Department. Licensure has been mandatory for Michigan massage therapists since . triactolplus.com documents / lara /triactolplus.com). documents lara Massage Therapy licensing guide .

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