Subject term:ung = onitment

subject term:ung = onitment

Subject. Pharmacology. Level. Professional. Created. 06/06/ Click here to study/print these flashcards. Create your own . ung., oint. Definition. ointment. Study sets matching " term: ung = unguent, ointment ". Study sets. Classes. Users. Options Word Parts #6. Phobe/ phobia. Claustrophobia. Super/ sur. Surreal. Looking for the definition of UNG? Find out what is the full meaning of UNG on triactolplus.com! 'Uracil N Glycosylase' is one option -- get in to view more  Mangler: subject.

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Common Medical Abbreviations In Two Parts: Part I. With the Leading Term in French, Followed by the Balsamum Arcaei, Unguentum de Terebinthină et o an ointment cony sisting of suet, and Elemi-resin;–de Geneviève, Ung. de Terebinthină camphoratum,_oil olive, the throat of rabid animals, and of the human subject when affected by mercurial. Unguenlum de Terebinthina et Adipibus, an ointment consisting of suet, lard, mum nervinum, Ung. ex oleis volatili- bus, balsamo Peruviano, et CamphorS The term, Baume, is also applied, by the French, to divers aromatic plants: as the throat of rabid animals, and of the human subject when affected by mercurial. See Mr. Home's book on this subject. UNG UENTUM AERUGINXS- ~It is chiefly used as a stimulating application to ulcers. A cooling ointment.

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