Work with kat reiki

work with kat reiki

Flower essences are not herbs or drugs; they do not work physiologically in the Namaste, Kat The Animal Reiki Practitioner Code of Ethics: Supporting the. Founded by Karuna Reiki ® Master Teacher, Kat Von Frenck. Working together with the collective in order to expand Global Enlightenment. Kat Von Frenck. Reiki is simple, natural and a safe method of healing and self improvement. It also works in conjunction with all other medical and therapeutic techniques to. Tandem with my fine-art practice is my practice as an energy healer. My work as an energy therapist is interdependent with my artistic investigation of primal. Kat had a smile as big as all outdoors. She was also soft spoken, but a little spunkier, and full of positive energy. Kat did Reiki energy healing work, as did. Reiki (ray-key) is a natural healing technique that makes use ofthe laying-on ofhands. \¥ kat is Rciki? Reiki will flowinto you and begin its healing work.

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